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Focus Groups EU Green Week Partner Event

We are pleased to share this open invitation to join our upcoming focus groups on Groundwater Protection, partner event of the EU Green Week 2024 and the UPWATER project. These online events, taking place in June, will feature engaging 1.5-hour facilitated discussions among a select group of European and international experts. Please find further descriptions of each Focus Group in the hyperlinks of their titles, or apply using the indicated links.

These EU Green Week 2024 partner events are aligned with the ongoing UPWATER project, which seeks to understand groundwater pollution and safeguard water quality. In collaboration with stakeholders, UPWATER aims to develop and submit Policy Brief recommendations for groundwater protection at the European level by early 2026.

If you are interested in participating, please read the informed consent, and kindly request your participation through the application links provided above. We will do our utmost to secure a spot for you in the Focus
Group. Confirmation will be sent upon request, subject to spot availability and ensuring diversity within the group. Please register before June 6th to expedite the confirmation process.

If you need further information or have any questions the methodology or application, do not hesitate to contact Andrea Calsamiglia at

We look forward to your participation and insightful contributions!

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