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UPWATER will provide tools and strategies to implement safe and contaminant-free recharge water into aquifers. The involvement of stakeholders, water agencies, and policymakers using co-creation spaces that will involve citizenship participation will trigger social acceptance and appraisal of the solutions provided in this project.

The project will also increase public awareness of the advantages of engineered natural treatment systems to enhance water quality while providing evidence, models, and methods applicable through regulatory and governance decisions.

EYDAP-Spyros Kokkinakis

A responsibility for good groundwater quality.

EYDAP is the largest company in the Greek water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment sector. Responsible for these tasks, the company is constantly investing in new technologies and joining projects…
Female chemist in white protective gloves hold test tube

Learning about new contaminants starts in the lab

In order to identify necessary mitigation measures to maintain the quality of groundwater, the French National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks (Ineris) will carry out an environmental risk assessment…

Co-learning within an EU project

The New Water Culture Foundation (FNCA) in Spain is overseeing the development of effective measures for new groundwater policy and management through the UPWATER project. Julia Martinez-Fernández, the director of…