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Understanding groundwater Pollution to protect and enhance WATERquality

UPWATER will provide tools and strategies to implement safe and contaminant-free recharge water into aquifers. The involvement of stakeholders, water agencies, and policymakers using co-creation spaces that will involve citizenship participation will trigger social acceptance and appraisal of the solutions provided in this project.

The project will also increase public awareness of the advantages of engineered natural treatment systems to enhance water quality while providing evidence, models, and methods applicable through regulatory and governance decisions.


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The Blueprint for Zero Pollution

The UPWATER project proudly announces the release of the first Policy Brief from the ZeroPollution4Water (ZP4W) Cluster and Water Europe, marking a pivotal advancement in our shared mission towards sustainable…
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Focus Groups EU Green Week Partner Event

We are pleased to share this open invitation to join our upcoming focus groups on Groundwater Protection, partner event of the EU Green Week 2024 and the UPWATER project. These…

Deploying passive samplers at Little Forest, Australia

A monitoring update from our associated partner ANSTO The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) has been making significant strides in environmental monitoring. With this monitoring exercise, we will…

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